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 September 1, 2016



(Section 66 of the Act)


Notice of Call for Nominations


(Municipal Elections)


 PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that nominations of candidates for the office(s) of:



Mayor:                               TOWN  OF  LA RONGE



Councillor:                         TOWN OF LA RONGE 

                                         Number to be elected:   Six (6)


will be received by the undersigned on the  21st day of September 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 pm, at the Town Office, and during regular business hours on September 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20 at the Town Office.


 Nomination forms may be obtained at the following location: 

Town Office � 1212 Hildebrand Drive. La Ronge, SK.


Dated this 1st day of September, 2016.


Victoria MacDonald, Returning Officer     




August 30, 2016


2015 Town of La Ronge Audit Financial Statements & 2015 Waterworks Rate Policy:


Please click the link below for more information on the 2015 Town of La Ronge Audit Financial Statements.


Please click the link below for more information on the 2015 Waterworks Rate Policy.


For full copies of both documents, please contact the Town Office at (306) 425-2066.



Issued: August 29, 2016

Updated: September 2, 2016


PRECAUTIONARY DRINKING WATER ADVISORY - **RESCINDED effective 3:00pm Friday September 2, 2016**


The Water Security Agency has issued a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory for all users on Finlayson Street between Chanin Avenue and MacDonald Avenue in the Northern Town of La Ronge.  Users in this area are to:


a) boil all water, used for drinking purposes, for at least one (1) minute, at a rolling boil, prior to use;

b) boil water to be used for other activities where it may be ingested, including:

a. brushing teeth or soaking false teeth;

b. washing fruits and vegetables;

c. food or drink which will not be subsequently heated; and

d. ice cubes;

c) not use the water for washing dishes, unless the water has been boiled or the dishes are sanitized in another fashion. Washed dishes and utensils can be soaked in a bleach water solution (approximately 2 tablespoons of bleach per gallon or 10 ml of bleach per liter of water) for at least two minutes after being washed to kill any bacteria which may be present.

a. Note: Do not mix bleach with soaps or detergents.

d) not drink from any public drinking fountains supplied with water from the public water supply;

e) ensure that younger children and infants are sponge bathed;

f) use an alternative water source known to be safe, if they do not wish to boil the water; and

g) consult with your physician if you have cuts or rashes that are severe before using the water.


Again, this advisory is in place only for those properties located on Finlayson Street between Chanin Avenue and MacDonald Avenue in La Ronge.





August 22, 2016


Public Notice



As per Section 141 of the Northern Municipalities Act, 2010,

Public Notice is hereby provided for a


 Special Meeting of Council


To be held at


12:00 pm (noon) in the Council Chambers


 Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Located at the Town Office � 1212 Hildebrand Drive


The purpose of the Special Meeting is to deal with the business of approving the Mel Hegland Uniplex Concession Lease Agreement and awarding the 2016-17 Season Concession tender.


  This notice is given at 8:00 AM this 22nd day of August, 2016

   Victoria MacDonald, Chief Administrative Officer




August 5, 2016


Annual Notice to Consumers

Regarding Drinking-Water Quality and Water Sample Compliance

Please click here.


August 3rd, 2016

The Town of La Ronge Council is planning to enter into the process of adopting a NEW Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw.

First Reading of the Bylaws will take place at the July 13, 2016 Regular Meeting of Council beginning at 7:00pm in the Council Chambers located at 1212 Hildebrand Drive.


Please provide written comments on the draft documents, or requests to appear before Council on the issue, no later than 12:00 Noon on Monday July 11, 2016. You may use the form on the Help & Feedback page of this website or drop off in person to the Town Office.


Subsequent readings of the Bylaws will take place after a Public Notification publication period and a Public Hearing which is planned to take place prior to the Regular Meeting of Council on September 14th.  


Links to the proposed documents are available below (please note they are large documents and may take a few moments to load):



Questions can be directed to the Chief Administrative Officer at or through the online submission form.

The current Zoning Bylaw can be found under the Bylaws tab in the Town Hall menu.




June 27, 2016

(Updated July 28, 2016)


The Town of La Ronge is now accepting submissions the following tenders / request for proposals:


Closing August 16, 2016

South Pit Clearing


Closing August 5, 2016

Uniplex Concession Stand - CLICK HERE!


Closing dates vary.  Tender/RFP packages are available from the Town Office.  Contact us at 306-425-2066 or visit us at 1212 Hildebrand Drive. 




June 26, 2016


As per Section 141 of the Northern Municipalities Act, 2010,

Public Notice is hereby provided for a Special Meeting of Council to be held on Monday, June 27, 2016 at 5:00 pm in the Council Chambers located at the Town Office  1212 Hildebrand Drive


The purpose of the special meeting is to deal with the business of the 2015 Draft Audited Financial Statements.


Decision of the Special Meeting was made at the June 15, 2016 Regular Meeting of Council. Additionally, this notice is given at 3:00 PM this 26th day of June, 2016

Event Calendar Public Notices Snow Removal Garbage Collection Program

Mock Council & Information Session (September 19th 2016) - A facilitated Mock Council & Information Session will be held on Wednesday September 21st in the Council Chambers at 6:00pm in preparation for the upcoming 2016 Municipal Election. All nominees are encouraged to attend and the meeting is open for public observation.

Road Repair (September 15th 2016) - The Town of La Ronge Public Works department will be doing some road repair work on La Ronge across from the Medical Clinic Sept. 15, 2016 in the afternoon. Please be advised that the street will be down to one lane for traffic. Thank you for your patience.

FOUND: (September 9th 2016) - A set of keys and a pair of sunglasses were found on Thursday, left behind at the Community BBQ in Patterson Park. If these belong to you, please come to the Town Office and describe the item(s) in order to claim.

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