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EMERGENCY WATER LINE REPAIR (October 1st 2013) - Service has been restored to the affected areas. The Ministry of the Environment has been made aware of the repair and has determined that NO precautionary drinking water advisory shall be issued. Residents are advised to flush your cold water line continuously for at least 10 minutes to clear the line. Thank you for your patience 

The Town of La Ronge has undertaken roadway upgrades that include paving and repairing a number of roads within the community. We are pleased to announce this project is now complete. Thank you for your patience during the roadwork. <September 18, 2013>


Please click here for more informaiton

Before resuming normal use of your water system, users must have flushed out the plumbing lines by letting the hot and cold taps run for approximately 15 minutes. This will ensure that any dirt or contaminates that may not have been removed by flushing out the water main will be removed from the homes service lines.

If you require any additional information, please contact the following: Town of La Ronge Office:

306 -425 -2066

Village of Air Ronge Office:

306 -425 -2107

Lac La Ronge Regional Water Plant

306 -425 -5946

Saskatchewan Water Security Agency:

306 -961 -8400

Please click here to view the document and for more information on the PWDA 
(Issued August 30/13)


Click the link below to review the quality of water produced and supplied in the Town of La Rogne 

Annual Notice to Consumers Regarding Drinking-Water Quality and Water Sample Compliance for the year Ending December 31, 2012


The following Public Notice was published June 27, 2013 


The Community Grant Program is made possible by the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation

The Members Initiative Grant was made possible by the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund for Sport, Culture and Recreation as well as the SPRA - Saskatchewan Parks & Recreation Association

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Garbage Pickup Rescheduled for Good Friday (April 18, 2014) (April 17th 2014) - Residences who regularly have their garbage picked up on Friday will have it picked up on Monday, April 21st. ... [ More ]

Mowery Subdivision Incentive Held Over! (April 11th 2014) - Save $20,000 on a new lot! ... [ More ]

Snow Clearing Reminder (April 9th 2014) - Throwing snow on the street is prohibited in the Town of La Ronge ... [ More ]

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