La Ronge Parks and Recreation

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 The La Ronge Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the
management of municipal recreation facilities and  parks in the
 Town of La Ronge. It is responsible for promoting, implementing and
 managing recreaton 
programs and to encourage the development of
 recreation activities in the Town of La Ronge. 

   Mission :   

      Creating an environment that allows for participation in safe and healthy    
    recreation opportunities that improve the quality of life for all La Ronge
 and District residents and visitors. 


        There is a sense of our community that embraces our rich history and the
 importance of children and offers recreation experiences through
 programs and facilities in a spirit of cooperation and respect leading to a
 safe environment in which our citizens and neighbors will all be welcome. 


   Contact Us  

 Tonia Logan - Manager of Parks and Recreation
 Phone: 306-425-2477
Email -