Municipal Elections FAQ

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The next municipal election will occur on November 9th 2020.

A voter must be at least 18 years of age, a Canadian citizen, lived in Saskatchewan for at least 6 months prior to the election, and must meet one of the following criteria:

  • A resident of the municipality for at least 3 months prior to the election
  • Owner of assessed land in the municipality for the past 3 months

You must present one piece of valid government issued photo ID that contains your name and address (such as a Driver's License) OR two pieces of ID including one that shows your name and another that shows name and address (such as a passport with a utility bill or bank statement).

For more information on accepted ID, please refer to Appendix D of the Local Government Elections Regulations 2015.

You must have another person who can vouch for you. This person must be eligible to vote who has acceptable ID. This person be living at the same address as the voucher.  

You cannot have an election official, candidate or candidate’s agent vouch for you and if you have been vouched for, you cannot vouch for another voter.

The Municipal Election will be held at Kikinahk Friendship Centre located at 320 Boardman Street. 

The polls are open between 9:00am and 8:00pm on Election Day.

The Advanced Polls will be held on October 27th 2020 and November 3 2020 from 11:00am until 6:00pm. Advanced polls will take place at the Town Office, located at 1212 Hildebrand Drive. 


Fiske, Tracy

I would like to give back to the community I love! I feel like it’s my time to give back.  Over the years, La Ronge has given me an opportunity to grow as a person, it has given me the opportunity to start business and most importantly it has helped me raise and shape my children.   This community can come together like no other and I am proud to say I have had firsthand experience in receiving love and support from OUR community and I am Grateful for that. My belief is a Mayor should have previous council experience and should have invested interest in the community whether it be through family, property or solid roots.  A council should have integrity, accountability, transparency and clear honest intentions for the betterment of its community. Council’s job is to listen to the people in our community and make informed, well thought out decisions to make the OUR community better together.
It is my Vision by working together we can create a Safe, Inviting and Thriving Community we can all be Proud of and Show Case in a Positive Light.

  • A better safer community

  • Support growth in existing business and entice new business development

  • Create and promote more recreation for all ages

  • To Promote Tourism and Community Pride

  • To Improve Tri Community Relationships

Personal Background:

  • Mother of four beautiful adult children.

  • Resident of La Ronge for 25 years.

  • Realtor (Century 21), business owner and SaskTel employee.

My Experience:


  • Elected to Council 2003-2009 (2 consecutive terms)

  • Deputy Mayor

  • Chair of Recreation Board

  • Regional Fire Board

  • Regional Water Advisory Board

  • Planning and Zoning

Community Leadership:

  • Communities in Bloom

  • Royal Purple

  • La Ronge Minor Hockey Board

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • ECIP

  • Olympic Torch Committee

  • Long time Billet La Ronge Ice Wolves

  • Event Coordinator La Ronge Ice Wolves and La Ronge Minor Hockey

Klassen, Matthew

I am proud to have called La Ronge my hometown for the past 27 years. This community and its members have captivated me from the very beginning and continue to do so as each day passes.  If elected Mayor, I will contribute to building a safe, prosperous and healthy La Ronge through strong leadership. Raising my young family here is what drives me to make La Ronge a better place. Our children are our future and I will contribute in building La Ronge into a healthier and safer community for my children and for yours. I strongly support economic and business development while remaining mindful and supportive of diversity, inclusion and social development. The success of society is dependent on the
well-being of each and every citizen.

My commitment to the community includes:

  • Strengthening relationships with Air Ronge and Lac La Ronge Indian band to foster a safer, healthier and more resilient tri-community

  • Actively engaging with residents to hear concerns and perspectives that address issues which are in the best interest of the Town

  • Collaborating with neighboring communities and government on a regional plan to address crime and promote health and safety in the tri-community

  • Promoting positive outcomes in youth through sport, culture, recreation and music programs

  • Enhancing the tourism industry through community beautification, promotion and infrastructure investment

  • Integrating the principles of environmental sustainability and responsibility are part of all growth plans

  • Maintaining affordable utility rates while planning for infrastructure upgrades

  • Promoting local business and the growth of young entrepreneurs

  • Supporting implementation of social development and community safety initiatives

  • Working towards sustainable solutions to address homelessness and other social challenges

  • Lobbying government to fulfill their promises of a long-term care facility

  • Ensuring honesty and transparency in all decisions and actions

It has been an honour to serve as a councillor and it would be a great privilege to serve as Mayor. I humbly ask for your support on November 9th. Feel free to contact me at 306-425-8652 or

Ratushniak, Colin

My name is Colin Ratushniak and I want to represent our great community of La Ronge as YOUR mayor. I have lived in La Ronge since April of 2019, but am no stranger to the north. I was born and raised in rural northern Manitoba where we were faced with the same challenges and opportunities that living in the north present. I have great pride living in La Ronge & the Tri-Communities and have fallen in love with the spirit of the people. I’m a pilot with Transwest Air which gives me perspective on the importance of La Ronge as a hub/gateway to the north. I’m also the Fitness Centre Supervisor at the JRMCC employed by the Lac La Ronge Indian Band and a Figure Skating coach with the La Ronge Skating Club where I work with kids and adults of all ages on a daily basis. This gives me the ability to work directly with the public in a way that I can empower and teach leadership to help achieve physical and mental well-being.

I’m running for the mayoral position because I feel that this position should be held by someone who makes decisions in an unbiased and ethical manner. I’m a person of open minded rational and have the ability to lead and empower any group that I work with. My goal is to be the ‘People’s Mayor’ with an open door and an open ear to the challenges and the successes that La Ronge residents face on a daily basis. I’m here to represent La Ronge in a positive, solution based manner and would be ever so grateful to have your support to build La Ronge to its greatest potential.

Watchel, Glen


Angus, Brett

Tansi, edlanete, taanshi, anin, and hello my name is Brett Angus. I grew up in Fort Qu’Appelle and made the move to La Ronge in 2001 right after completing high school, and have considered La Ronge home ever since.  Other than moving to attend post-secondary school and taking job opportunities in a couple of other communities, I have primarily lived here in La Ronge.  Where I have recently become a proud homeowner.  I am employed by the Lac La Ronge Indian Band Public Works department. I am involved with the Crushers Rec Hockey League, La Ronge Men’s Slo-Pitch League, Peanut Productions and have recently joined the La Ronge Wildlife Federation.  I am a proud citizen of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan. After moving to the North, I have become a strong proponent for Northern and Indigenous issues. Using my experiences and those of friends and family to push for change in the North and for Indigenous peoples at the Provincial and Federal level.  I believe I could bring a new perspective to council having lived in and seen how other communities operate. 

Besharah, Abby

My name is Abby Besharah and I’ve lived here in La Ronge for five years (and in Saskatchewan a few more). I’m a home-owner, dog-owner (and foster parent) and current President of the La Ronge Wildlife Federation. Like many people, I moved here for work and then fell in love with the bush, the lake, the people and the lifestyle. I’m running for Council because I believe this great northern town can be even better. And because I have something unique to offer. I went to school for urban and regional planning and have experience working in provincial and municipal government. While some might find it boring, I am passionate about land-use planning, community engagement and public administration.

There are a couple of things I want to focus on when I’m elected:

  • Increasing local business opportunities
  • Building community capacity and improving public spaces, and
  • Involving you in decision-making.

I believe I have the skills and experience to make La Ronge a more liveable place for residents, and a more attractive place for those interested in moving here. I will offer a fresh perspective on building a more vibrant, attractive town. I will work hard and I will advocate for you. For more information head to @abbyforlaronge on Facebook.

Hordyski, Joe

Jeffries, Cheryl

My name is Cheryl Jeffries and I have decided to run for Town Council. Some of you know me well and some of you may not. I am a third generation community member and have lived in the La Ronge and Air Ronge communities for 44 years. I have been employed with Northlands College for 13 years, most recently as an Administrative Assistant. I am a single mother with two children who attend Churchill Community High School. I am a La Ronge Skating Club committee member and have served on the board for approximately 7 years. I also enjoy watching and cheering on our local La Ronge Ice Wolves.

My decision to run for Council stems from many things. We live in the most beautiful of places and I feel we can be doing more to make our community members feel safe and take pride in the community we live in. Growing up in the tri-communities I have seen many changes throughout the years. My focus is on community enhancement for our residents and future generations. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact me with your questions, comments or concerns. I would be more than happy to listen and answer any questions you may have. 

McPhail, Jordan

I have had the honour and privilege to serve on the Town Council for 4 years leading into the 2020 municipal election, where I was named the first Deputy Mayor of the 2016-2020 term in office by Mayor Ron Woytowich. As a local telecommunications technician, I have had the unique ability to bring the perspective of the average working person in La Ronge to the council table in the 2016-2020 term of office. In 2016 I made the promise of recording all major decisions of Council. I have kept my promise and have recorded the votes on many decisions that would define where the community will go and how we have responded to a crisis. Namely the motions where I voted in favour to raise a symbol of acceptance in our community for those who identify in LGBT2Q+ community, which was first struck down in a 4-3 vote, and later in favour 6-1. The motion of whether or not to ban travel into the community over the COVID-19 pandemic, where I took the advice of the medical professionals and voted against a motion to send a letter to the Premier asking to exempt us which passed 6-1. Or the motion to allow the homeless to have a dignified place to sleep in our community in the 2020-2021 winter where it was ultimately defeated 4-1 and the motion of which sold a large portion of land in the Industrial Park for less than $2,000 in which I voted against on a motion that ultimately passed 4-2. 

I am proud of the record I have maintained in our community's council chambers and hope to earn your support in the upcoming election to ensure we have a voice that will side with the best interests of our community. I am a proud member of the LLRIB, a LGBT2Q+ ally and activist, a human rights activist and a fierce defender of traditional and Indigenous rights. I have been a councillor that has been accountable and transparent with the public and has served this term with my integrity intact and I commit to doing so in the next term if I am honoured with your vote to continue as your voice at the council table. 

Merasty, Christopher 

I am very honoured and humbled to be running for your new Town councillor. My name is Christopher Merasty, I have lived in LaRonge for over 4 years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Here, I live with my beautiful wife, 2 children and 2 dogs. I also have 2 children that live in Saskatoon. Currently working in Cigarlake Minesite for Cameco as an underground heavy equipment operator. I am not someone who makes promises but more of someone who will deliver action in:

- Revitalizing the Tri-Community relationship and bring fresh new ideas to the table. 

-Increasing advocacy into mental health supports for our tri-community. 

- Research and development into Affordable housing. 

- Addressing and increase support into our homeless community. 

- Advocacy into more supports for our youth and elders. 

With your support and the support of our tri-community. Along with my integrity, commitment and determination, we will soon start to see positive changes in our community. Thank you, tiniki, marsi cho. 

Ruiz, Viviana

My name is Viviana Ruiz, but you may also know me as Viviana Ruiz Arcand which is my married name. I have lived in La Ronge for the past 20 years. I originally moved to the beautiful town of La Ronge for employment purposes, to be an educator at a school within our tri-community area. Today, I continue to work in the world of northern education in a different context. La Ronge is the community where I met my husband Sheldon, together we are raising 2 amazing children. We call La Ronge our home and often enjoy the access we have to the beautiful surroundings and rich experiences within the region. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to be involved in our community by participating in a variety of volunteer boards and in the organization of some community events. I am seeking the position of Councillor for the Town of La Ronge for the upcoming term. I can assure you that I can advocate and lobby for La Ronge to become a healthier and more progressive community. I believe in the ever-growing need for community safety and the well-being of our citizens, diverse opportunities, and the potential for economic growth. My goal is to work towards the development and implementation of policy and management practices which empower citizens of our community in the best interest of all, with respect and consideration for what is already in place. Together we can do wonderful things, and although we are living in challenging times, we are well positioned to move forward.

Veteri, Ryan

My name is Ryan Veteri, I am 42 years old and have lived in La Ronge for the last 28 years. My wife Florence and I have raised our four children together in La Ronge. Because of our high energy children we are very thankful for the sports, activities and the great volunteers and organizations that La Ronge has to offer. It takes a community to raise a child and my family has had great experiences in the tri-community with what seems to be a long list of things to participate in. Having had opportunities to volunteer throughout the years in La Ronge Minor Hockey, La Ronge Minor Baseball, La Ronge Food Bank and at the La Ronge Wildlife Federation Gun Range event has given me an appreciation for the hard work and dedication that our communities have to offer. As a family, dogs included, we like to hike either on the trails provided in our community, or even around the block with a quick stop at the Dairy Queen for a treat. When I am not active with my family, I like to spend time at the gun range target shooting. Going for ATV rides with friends and during the winter snowmobiling. I sit on 3 boards including Men of the North (vice-president), La Ronge Regional Housing Authority (vice president) and La Ronge Lutheran Fellowship (president). I have enjoyed and gained lots of experience while on these Boards and continue to volunteer on all three. 

Watt, Hugh

All Nomination Packages must be completed and submitted to the Town Office by 4:00pm on October 7th 2020. You must have 5 nominators, a valid criminal record check within the past thirty (30) days, and 2 witnesses for the Candidate’s Acceptance. You must also complete a Public Disclosure Statement and include a Criminal Record Check. 

A candidate must be at least 18 years of age on Election Day, a Canadian citizen, a Saskatchewan resident for the past 6 months and not disqualified from being nominated by the LGEA or any other Act and is a resident within the municipality within the past 3 months. 

The municipal election is for residents of the La Ronge municipality (i.e. within the Town’s boundaries) and a Voter’s Registration Declaration form must be completed. Residents of Eagle Point, Napatak, Potato Lake, etc. should contact Municipal Services at (306) 425-4320 to find out when and where you should vote as these communities are not within the Town of La Ronge’s municipal boundaries. Check the Local Government Elections Act to determine if you meet other requirements to vote in La Ronge.

Information pertaining to the Town of La Ronge Municipal Elections can be found here.

  • All individuals entering the building must sanitize their hands upon entry of the facility.
  • All individuals shall enter the facility through the main entrance. A separate designated exit will be indicated for use to ensure one way directional traffic. 
  • Masks are not required for voters, however highly encouraged.
  • Voters are encouraged to use the Advance Polls to alleviate congestion on Election Day and avoid long lines.
  • All voters will receive their own pencil to use. Voters may discard their pencil after use in the garbage receptacles provided, or take with them after leaving the facility. 
  • There will be 2 polling stations. Surnames beginning with A-L will be at one polling station, and surnames beginning with M-Z will be at the other polling station. Please go to the appropriate polling station to vote. 
  • Signage will be placed throughout the facility to remind voters to respect the 2m social distancing guidelines. 
  • Barrier screens will be at each polling stations for voters and election officials.
  • Election Officials will be equipped with PPE, including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. 

2020 Municipal Election Results


Fiske, Tracy 130
Klassen, Matthew 145
Ratushniak, Colin 406   ELECTED
Watchel, Glen 93


Angus, Brett 258
Besharah, Abby 365   ELECTED
Hordyski, Joe 454   ELECTED 
Jeffries, Cheryl 298
McPhail, Jordan 578    ELECTED
Merasty, Christopher 284
Ruiz, Viviana 380    ELECTED
Veteri, Ryan 380    ELECTED
Watt, Hugh 386    ELECTED