Snow Removal


The Mayor and Council identified the objectives of the policy as follows:

  1. Provide satisfactory winter transportation conditions as soon as feasibly possible to:
  1. Enable Police, Fire and Ambulance services to safely respond to and manage emergencies;
  2. Reduce hazards for motorists and pedestrians in regards to winter transportation; and
  3. Minimize the economic losses to the community and industry resulting from restrictive winter transportation conditions.
  1. Ensure the safety of Public Works employees while working to provide satisfactory transportation conditions.
  2. Limit clearing and removing snow during hours and in locations where higher traffic risks are observed.

Street Clearing Priorities

To meet the objectives outlined, the public works department will follow a priority snow clearing map (see below) as a guideline for the streets that are to be made passable first. Once these streets are made passable for motorists and pedestrians, snow removal on other streets will begin.


  1. It is encouraged that public sidewalks in front of residential properties are cleared of snow by the property owner.
  2. Any person(s) clearing a public sidewalk in front of their property is permitted to place the snow from the public sidewalk in the gutter.
  3. Snow from private properties is not permitted to be placed on Town property, including streets, empty lots, etc. This is considered littering under the Town of La Ronge Littering Bylaw and a notice of violation and subsequent fines may be applied.
  4. Sidewalk clearing by Public Works will occur at the discretion of the Manager of Public Works.
  5. Heavy equipment will not clear any part of the sidewalk.

Parked Vehicles

Though it may not always be possible, Public Works will aim to minimize ridges when plowing snow around parked vehicles is required.

Extreme Temperatures

To reduce major equipment failures snow removal and clearing will be ceased or minimized in temperatures lower than -35⁰C.

Excess snow from private properties

Private property owners are permitted to store snow in designated snow storage locations but must contact the Town office to request placing snow in the snow storage locations.

Stuck Vehicles

Town employees are not permitted to assist motorists that cannot move.


Hazards associated with snow clearing change daily, Public Works asks that when a clearing crew is out working, whether you are a motorist or pedestrian, give the equipment space and be patient. Thank you!

Any concerns can be directed to the Public Works Manager or their designate.