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Town Hall Forms

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Billboard Sign Corridor - Application Form
Billboard Sign Corridor - Regulations Regulations
Business License - Application Form
Business Licence - Renewal Form
Building Permit Application Form
Burn Permit Form
Delegation to Council Form
Demolition Permit Form

Development Permit - Form A

(Demolition, Permitted/Temporary/Discretionary Uses, Structural Alteration or Addition)


Development Permit - Form B

(Home Based Businesses, Signs, Fences, Food Vendors, Bed & Breakfast Operations)

Dog License Application Form Form
Fire Fighter Application Form Form
Freeze Protection Device (aqua-flo, transformer) Form
Moving Permit Form
Occupancy Permit Form
Parade Permit  Form
Property Pin Locate Request Form Form
Water and Sewer - New Utility Application Form
Water and Sewer - Moving / Termination Form Form
Water and Sewer - Installation Details Form Form
Water and Sewer - Building Services Connection Form Form