Building Department

Permit Applications

Thinking about renovating your house or building an addition or garage or shed?  The Town of La Ronge Zoning and Building Bylaw require that a Development and Building permit to be issued.   This ensures that the renovation /  development meets current Zoning regulations and Building Code.

Please make application for the required permits at the Town office.  If you are unsure what permits or documentation are required, click here or contact the Building Official at the Town office at (306)425-3803.

NOTE: 2015 National Building and Fire Code has been adopted as of January 1, 2018. All new construction after this date will be subject to the 2015 Building Code; Permits that have been issued prior to this date will remain subject to the 2010 Buildng Code. Click Here for a copy of the Code Adoption Workshop - 2015 NBC & NFC Code .  Building Standards created a document that highlights the related code changes from 2010 to 2015.

Application for Development Permit

  • Required prior to building, demolition, clearing, excavating or filling a lot.  Verifies conformity with local zoning bylaws
  • Not required when performing maintenance and repairs that do not include structural alterations, or for accessory buildings under 9.3 square meters
  • Fees - payable upon submission of application: (not all fees are listed below)
    • Permitted Principal Use or Structural Addition / Alteration - $50
    • Discretionary Use Development - $75 + cost of advertising
    • Accessory Use Development (Shed or Detached Garage) - $25
    • Home Occupation - $75
    • Sign - $25 or $50
    • Fence - $25
  • Permit expires:
    • If work authorized is not commenced within 12 month from date of issuance
    • If work authorized is not completed within 24 months from date of issuance
  • Form A - Development Permit (Permitted, Accessory, or Discretionary Use Development, Structural Alteration, Demolition or Relocation of an Existing Building or Stucture)
  • Form B - Development Permit (Home based Business, Food Vendor, Bed & Breakfast, Sign or Fence)

Application for Demolition Permit ($10 application and permit fee)

  • A Demolition permit must be obtained whenever a structure is to be constructed, enlarged, altered, repaired, moved or demolished.
  • No builiding shall be demolished within the Town without first obtaining a Development Permit ( Form A - Development Permit ).
  • Demolition Permit expires:
    • If work authorized is not commenced within one month from date of issuance
    • If work authorized is not completed within 3 months from date of issuance
  • Application for Demolition Permit

Application for Moving Permit     ($10 application and permit fee)

  • A moving permit is required if you have purchased a Ready to Move (RTM) home, Mobile home or if you plan to relocate a home from another community into La Ronge.
  • No buidling shall be moved within, or into the Town, without first obtaining a Development Permit ( Form A - Development Permit ) from the Development officer.
  • Moving must be completed within 3 months of date of permit
  • Application for Moving Permit

Application for a Building Permit

  • A permit must be obtained whenever a structure is to be constructed, erected, renovated, placed, enlarged, extended, reconstructed, altered, relocated, any structural repairs or change of occupancy of any building.
  • Permits are required prior to construction and must be accompanied by your building and site plans.  This information is then submitted to the Town of La Ronge for review for conformance to the National Building Code.  Once approved, your Building Permit will be issued and further instructions will be provided regarding future inspections.
  • No construction can commence prior to the issuance of your Building Permit .
  • Application for Building Permit
  • Building Permit Fees are based on the Total Value of Construction and includes all required inspections and reports.  Value of construction means the total cost of the building to the owner in its completed form and includes the cost of all building work, materials of construction, building systems, labour, overhead and profit of the contractor and subcontractors.  The cost of labour and used material are deemed to be the current market cost of new material and labour.
  • The Permit Fees are payable upon submission of building permit application.
  • Permit expires:
    • If work authorized is not commenced within one month from date of issuance
    • If work authorized is suspended for a continuous period of six months from date of issuance
    • If work authorized is not completed within 18 months from date of issuance

Application for Occupancy Permit

  • Required after a building or development permit has been issued for:
    • A new building or structure
    • If there has been Structural alterations to an any existing building or structure
    • A change of use or intensity of use of a site or building
  • No occupancy permit shall be issued until the premises have been inspected and the proposed use and any buildings or structures involved comply in all respects with the Town’s bylaws.
  • A temporary / conditional occupancy permit may be issued if the building or structure is deemed safe to occupy and only minor deficiencies exist.  Deficiencies must be to be corrected within the time frame allowed; failure to comply may result in possible fines and/or revoking occupancy permit.
  • Application for an Occupancy Permit

Application for Sewer and Water Installation & Building Service Connections - Schedule “A” – Form C

Application for The Supply of Water & Sewer Service – Schedule “A”

Property Pin Locate Request

  • A request for public works to locate property pins; The Town of La Ronge employees are not certified land surveyors and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the pin locate.
  • Public Works will attempt to locate your property pins as a free service for 1 hour.  A fee of $100/hr (2 person crew) will apply for if additional time is requested or a certified surveyor would need to be contacted to locate pins.  A legal property survey would need to be completed by a certified surveyor.
  • We will attempt to locate and mark the pins (with flagging tape or stakes) by using a magnetic locator and property maps on file.
  • The Public Works department will complete the request as soon as they are able. However, there may be some wait time due to other ongoing projects. Please allow  at least 7 days before inquiring.
  • Property Pin Locate Request

Please note:  Your water WILL NOT be turned on unless all the required forms have been received by the Town of La Ronge.