Burn Permits

**Burning Permit Are Required Prior To Any Control Burn**

Permit Holder Must Call 1-866-404-4911 Prior To Burning

How do I obtain a burn permit?

Burn permit can be obtained from the La Ronge Regional Fire Department during business hours; Monday – Friday, 7:30am to 4pm or by sending the completed form to firechief@laronge.ca

How long is a burn permit valid for?

A burn permit is only valid for the day(s) indicated on the permit, or otherwise approved by the Fire Chief or his designate.

Are burn permits required for campfires?

Small campfires used for cooking and warmth are permitted without a permit. In all cases, proper precautions should be taken to ensure the fire does not excape. This includes having readily available water and fire fighting tools close to the site and having a responsible person present who is capable of fighting the fire.  

Is there a fee for a burn permit?

The fee is $10.00

What happens if I burn without a permit?

Burning without a valid burning permit may result in a Notice of Violation with a fine of $75.

Subject to Bylaw 352/96 Section 18, any person convicted of an offence under this bylaw is liable on Summary Conviction to a fine of not more than:

  • $2,000.00 in the case of an individual
  • $5,000.00 in the case of a limited company or corporation

Are there things I can do to help contain the fire?

  • Check the weather forecast to ensure the winds are within acceptable conditions.
  • Take extra precautions around any buildings or escape areas.
  • Have sufficient people, hand tools and water to control the fire or to extinguish it, should conditions change to be outside those specified in the burning permit.
  • Carry a cell phone that provides coverage for the burn site or have immediate access to a telephone.

If the fire escapes, what should I do?

Phone 911 immediately.

What is a fire ban and is my Burn Permit still valid when a fire ban is in effect?

A fire ban is based on environmental conditions, and is for a period of time during which no one may set or maintain any fire within the region for reasons related to public safety and protection of property. If a fire ban is in place,  your Burn Permit will no longer be valid and you will not be able to burn.

Will I have to re-apply for a Burn Permit if mine is cancelled due to a Fire Ban?

Yes. This is to inform the Fire Chief or his designate of your new intended dates to burn.