Public Works Department

Garbage Collection Information

My garbage wasn't picked up this week. What happens now?

Please call the Town of La Ronge so we are made aware of what is happening and we will call Public Works to get your garbage picked up as soon as possible.  You may take your garbage to the regional landfill, or wait until your next garbage pick-up day. Residents of La Ronge have free drop off of residential waste at the landfill of up to one half-ton truck box.

What is the spring clean-up?

Residents of the Town of La Ronge may have yard waste picked up by Town crews once a year. Items must be at the curb, no sooner than 24 hours prior to pick up and the service is limited to one free pick up.

*Yard-waste is considered material produced from the care in maintenance of landscaped areas, gardens, and lawns.

**Yard waste is to be placed in clear plastic bags in the regular green refuse containers.  Containers must be placed at the street abutting the property by 7:00 AM on the day of pickup. 

***Clippings from trees and shrubs must be tide in bundles not exceeding 1 meter in length bundles and placed beside the curbside refuse containers on the day of pickup.  Clippings not bundled, exceeding 1 meter in length, or exceeding 25 kilograms will not be collected.

Note:  The Town of La Ronge will no longer be providing disposal of large household items during spring clean-up.

When is the spring clean-up?

The Town of La Ronge offers a spring clean-up each year. The date(s) for this are usually during the month of May.

How can I make arrangements for the spring clean-up?

You may phone the Town Office at (306) 425-2066 to arrange for your spring clean-up pick-up date.